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Special Announcements:

The winners of the 2023 Spooky Story Contest are…

Dallas Evans

Mayar Chnani & Azilah Quansah

Rosa Navarrete

Sarah Hatch

Emma Kroener-Serrano

Kaltuma Aweis

Eduardo Salazar

Aftin Aweis

Gracey Rocha

Pedro Soriano

Read the winning stories below!

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to MLG from December 4th through the 8th!

Parents and Guardians: Interested in volunteering for the fair? Please see the Family Announcements tab below to find out how.

October 2023 Spooky Story Contest Winning Stories (NEW!)

Thank you to all our our participants in the Spooky Story Contest! We received so many great submissions and loved reading your spooky stories. This year, there were winners in three categories: Scariest story, most creative story, and best monster. The winners for scariest story are Dallas Evans, Mayar Chnani & Azilah Quansah, Rosa Navarrete. The winners for most creative story are Sarah Hatch, Emma Kroener-Serrano, Kaltuma Aweis, and Eduardo Salazar. The winners for best monster are Aftin Aweis, Gracey Rocha, and Pedro Soriano. Read their spooky stories below!

Scariest Story Winners:

The Death by Dallas Evans

The Haunted Shadow by Mayar Chnani & Azilah Quansah

The Man in the Forest by Rosa Navarrete

Most Creative Story Winners:

The Girl by Sarah Hatch

Emma Kroener-Serrano’s Spooky Story

Stuck in my Head by Kaltuma Aweis

Monsters by Eduardo Salazar

Best Monster Spooky Story Winners:

The Ghost by Aftin Aweis

The Abandoned Woods by Gracey Rocha

Box by Pedro Soriano

Scholastic Book Fair 2022 (NEW!)

The Scholastic Book Fair is returning to MLG in 2022! See the schedule below, and visit our Scholastic Book Fair Homepage for more information:

Did your student lose their book fair flyer? Access the elementary and middle school flyers using the buttons below.

December 2nd (Friday): Book Fair Preview Day

Students will not be able to make purchases on this day. Classes will be able to visit the library to preview the books at the fair and determine how much money they would like to bring when their class returns December 5th-9th.

Ms. Portillo

Ms. Holz-Russell

Ms. Canela

Ms. Contreras

Ms. Otalvaro

Ms. Pruett (4th Grade)

Ms. Prueitt (2nd Grade)

Ms. Ochoa

Ms. Gallegos

Ms. Coursey

December 5th:

8:15-9:00: Ms. Urbanz’s Homeroom

9:00-9:45: Mr. Hinojoza’s Homeroom

9:45-10:30: Ms. Gallegos’ Class

2:00-2:45: Ms. Coursey’s Class

December 6th:

8:15-8:40: Ms. Fox’s Homeroom

8:40-9:00: Ms. Murphy’s Homeroom

9:00-9:45: Ms. Ochoa’s Class

9:45-10:30: Ms. Otalvaro’s Class

11:30-12:15: Ms. Canela’s Class

2:00-2:45: Ms. Contreras’ Class

December 7th:

8:15-9:00: Ms. Holz-Russell’s Class

9:00-9:45: Ms. Pruett’s (4th Grade) Class

9:45-10:30: Ms. Clementi’s Homeroom

2:00-2:45: Mx. Lin’s Homeroom

December 8th:

8:15-9:00: Ms. Cary’s Homeroom

9:00-9:45: Ms. Dobbs’ Class

9:45-10:30: Ms. Hyde’s Class

2:00-2:45: Ms. Portillo’s Class

December 9th:

8:15-8:40: Ms. O’Leary’s Homeroom

8:40-9:00: Ms. Wilson’s Homeroom

9:00-9:45: Ms. Boniello’s Class

9:45-10:30: Mr. Restrepo’s Class

2:00-2:45: Ms. Prueitt’s Class

Library Competitions and Reading Contests

November/December 2022:

The next library contest will take place during the months of November and December! It will be a winter book bingo contest. Download the playing card by clicking the button below, and use books from the MLG Library, Sora, or the Denver Public Library to complete the challenge. Return the completed bingo sheet to Ms. Bonnie for a chance to win a prize!

Family Announcements (NEW!)

Attention Parents and Guardians: We are now seeking volunteers for the 2022 Scholastic Book Fair! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact ASAP to learn how!

No podemos lograrlo sin ti! Considera la posibilidad de ser un voluntario para la feria del proximo ano. El cuento comienza contigo! Contacto: los antes posible!

Library Newsletters (November newsletter out now)
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Library Resources

Instructions for logging onto LION and SORA: English or Spanish

The DPS Lion site is home to many different resources for students. Through this site, students can access the library catalog, eBook and audiobook sites, and a variety of online databases. Access the Marie L. Greenwood Lion site with the button below.

Sora is the Denver Public Schools eBook and audiobook site, housing over 30,000 books in various reading and interest levels. Students can click the button below to access the Sora site, and sign in using their six-digit student ID number and eight-digit birthday.

Denver Public Library Summer of Adventure 2022

Denver Public Library’s Summer of Adventure

It’s time for a new adventure! Register for Denver Public Library’s Summer of Adventure, the FREE program that encourages youth from birth to 12th grade to grow, learn and have fun.

Registration for Summer of Adventure begins June 3.To sign up visit or drop by your local Denver Public Library branch. You’ll get a printed Adventure Guide to inspire your own reading, making and exploring along with a prize to get you started.

You do not need a library card to participate in the Summer of Adventure, but it helps! Students with a library card are able to check out books from the library and use the computers and IdeaLab space. If students would like to register for a library card, they can visit any branch of the Denver Public Library or come see Miss Bonnie in the library for a form.