Gifted & Talented

Students that are identified as Gifted and Talented or in the Gifted Talent Pool in at least one subject area, reading, writing, and/or math, receive enrichment services to help challenge them in different subject areas.

Our gifted curriculum includes:

Many of our students also participate in enrichment activities such as:

Gifted and Talented News 

We have students returning to the Regis University’s Summer Leadership Institute, as well as new 3rd and 4th grade students that join the program each year. This academic program challenges our gifted and high-achieving students while also teaching them leadership skills. Congratulations to the students in this exciting program!

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Academic Mentors program. Each year, students get to work with a professional in their field of interest. In past years, students have worked with engineers, lawyers and more. This is a great way for students to receive hands-on experience in a career they may be interested in pursuing one day.

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