Giving Thanks To One Another!

Posted November 15, 2021

November 15, 2021

Dear Marie L. Greenwood Families, 

Our Focus This Week Is On Giving Thanks To One Another!

As a local, state, national, and world community, there have been many challenges presented to us by the global pandemic. Some of these struggles have included loss of loved ones, loss of employment, emotional strain, and tremendous uncertainty. These struggles have been witnessed and/or felt by everyone. 

Despite these struggles, we do have each other! A smile, a word of encouragement, a small verbal thanks, or the slightest friendly gesture can brighten someone’s day!

This friendly gesture, with no monetary commitment, can change the course of someone else’s day, and give them a positive perspective in the midst of all of the day’s struggles. 

We Ask That You Join In Our Week Of Thanks At Marie L. Greenwood!

The commitment is of no charge! The commitment for this week includes being positive, giving thanks to others, modeling the way of positivity with your child, and with your family. 

Friendly gestures can include the following:

  • Calling the front office and providing a positive note for a staff member on your behalf for all the work they are doing to support your child. We often pick up the phone to call in regard to concerns, but the positives also should be articulated!
  • Sending a quick note of thanks to a staff member on a piece of paper or email.
  • Speaking with your child about peers that they appreciate and encouraging them to tell a friend thanks for the friendship.
  • Having your child call a relative and give thanks for what they mean to them.

As the School Leader of Marie L. Greenwood, I give thanks for the following reasons:

  • Our MLG staff have put students first, and always go above and beyond to support our school community. This commitment has led to high levels of growth thus far this school year, no classroom closures due to COVID-19, and students feeling supported/cared for across our building. Despite limited guest teachers support across the educational landscape, we have all pitched in to ensure that we keep classrooms open for learning!
  • Our MLG students are tremendous! I am so thankful to them for being committed to learning, and taking pride in our great school. This has resulted in misbehavior significantly decreasing across our building and students celebrating the positive. 
  • Our MLG Parents/Families support all of the hard work that we are doing at our school. I am so thankful for your constant cooperation and partnership! 

Thank you for your support of our school, and we hope that you join us in the commitment to give thanks across our community this week!

Blake Hammond

School Leader

Marie L. Greenwood