Our School

The Greenwood Creed

  • We value an environment of respect and responsibility.
  • We nurture a spirit of celebration.
  • We embrace the strength of our diversity.
  • We pursue learning with eagerness.
  • We challenge ourselves intellectually.
  • We think as individuals and act as a community.

Our Programs

Imagine Learning: Imagine Learning is a software program that provides one-on-0ne computer instruction that adapts to each student’s learning level. The program tests each student, places them at the level that fits them best academically, and teaches them carefully sequenced instruction that builds a strong academic foundation. Imagine Learning uses the best English Language Development strategies to develop vocabulary, listening and speaking skills, phonemic awareness, emergent literacy, and school readiness. These lessons are incorporated with captivating activities and animated characters that motivates and engages each student.

Literacy: Students are provided a three hour literacy block in a student-centered learning community. Data is gathered in all reading modalities through reading logs, student journals, assessment notebooks and individual conferences. Information gathered is used to meet individual student needs, develop their reading abilities and challenge their comprehension skills. Emphasis is placed on writing, with monthly school wide writing prompts, publication of student work, and participation in the district writing pilot program.

Mathematics: Everyday Math is provided daily for a minimum of sixty minutes. This is a rigorous math program that spirals from year to year in an enhanced and balanced curriculum where emphasis is placed on student processing skills and learning styles. Everyday Math provides the knowledge base needed for students to transition into middle school. We now have access to the Everyday Math online games at EM Games . Please talk to your teacher to learn how to access these games at home.

Exceptional Education Programs: An inclusive model for special education services is utilized with special education instructional services provided in the general education classroom. Additional services such as speech therapy, counseling, and occupational and physical therapy are also provided.

English Language Acquisition: We provide our English Language Learners with English Language Acquisition instruction in an inclusive environment. Our teachers are all highly trained and certified as ELA instructors, with specialized instruction in sheltered instruction. Initial instruction is provided in either Spanish or English depending on the language needs of the student and wishes of the parent.

Music and Art: As a result of the recent Mill Levy, we are able to offer a fully integrated arts program. Students receive music, visual arts, and band with many opportunities to celebrate their achievements and performances. Regular performances are provided to the student body, community, and parents.

Physical Education: In addition to Music and Art, all students receive Physical Education, utilizing our fully equipped gym and our extensive outdoor facilities. Students explore their physical fitness and body management, along with organized team sports.

Technology: Students in first through eight grade receive technology instruction on a rotating trimester schedule. Programs include instruction in keyboarding skills, Internet research, Kid Pix, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Prezi.com, Google Earth, videography and more.