Gifted and Talented

Welcome to Greenwood’s Gifted and Talented page!

Students that are identified Gifted and Talented in at least 1 subject area, reading, writing, and/or math, receive enrichment services to continue to challenge them in different subject areas.

Some of the gifted curriculum we use are:

  • Junior Great books…grades 1st-8th
  • William and Mary curriculums….grades 4-8
  • Jacob’s Ladder literacy enrichment program…grades 1-8
  • Math Exemplars…grades 1-8
  • Everyday Math extenstions/projects
  • and of course… brain teasers, logic puzzles, One Hour Mysteries, etc.

There are a lot of exciting things going on with the gifted students here at Greenwood! Many of our students participate in enrichment activities such as:

  • Mathletics
  • Shakespeare Club
  • Spelling Club and Spelling Bees
  • Young Authors
  • Service Learning Projects

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade gifted and high achieving students are currently working on the Junior Great Books program and are enjoying the engaging stories, vocabulary and questions.

We have a 4/5 gifted classroom that participates in many of these activities as well as creating projects and working on additional challenging curriculum. This group worked on  a service learning project in conjunction with the Denver Zoo and studied water conservation.  As part of the project, they learned about ways to conserve water and completed a hands on project in the community to spread the word about conserving water!

The 4/5 class and 6th grade participated in the district Spelling Bees this year! Way to go!


The 6th and 7th grade gifted group of students are currently participating in the Young Scientists program through the Denver Zoo! They chose an animal and studied their habitat over the last month and are now re designing a current habitat at the zoo that will better fit their animals needs. A habitat that encompasses the animals adaptations and needs is called an Immersion Exhibit, which is something the zoo strives to provide for all of their animals. As part of the Young Scientists Program, they will be attending a conference on April 22 in order to present their final habitat projects and reports.

More exciting G/T News

The Shakespeare Festival will take place this year on Friday, April 28th at the Denver Performing Arts Center downtown. The Shakespeare Club meetings are taking place Wednesdays at 3pm in the auditorium.













We have students returning to the  Regis University’s Summer Leadership Institute as well as new 3rd grade students that will be joining the program.  Congratulations!

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