Family Leadership Institute-Join us on Thursday, March 9th from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm at the PPA Event Center, located at 2105 Decatur St. in Denver. Food, childcare, and interpretation are provided at no cost.

Come join us, even if you missed the previous sessions!

The Office of Family and Community Engagement is excited to offer DPS families the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and become stronger advocates at the home, the school, and the district level. Families who missed the previous sessions are still welcome to attend any and all remaining sessions.

¡Acompáñenos, aunque no haya asistido a las sesiones anteriores!

La Oficina de Enlaces Familiares y Comunitarios se enorgullece en presentar a las familias de DPS la oportunidad para fortalecer sus destrezas de liderazgo y convertirse en personas que luchan por los derechos tanto en el hogar, como en la escuela o al nivel del distrito. Se invita a las familias a asistir a cualquier y a todas las sesiones aunque no hayan asistido a las sesiones anteriores.


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